Advanced Fantasia Generation(Japanese: アドバンストファンタジアジェネレーション Hepburn: Adobansuto Fantajia Jenerēshon) is a tactical role-playing game produced by Namco Bandai Games that features characters from the Pretty Cure, Dengeki BunkoShonen Jump and Gundam, four iconic franchises. Released for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan and Every Asia on October 29, 2019, also Microsoft Windows version in Japan and Every Asia on October 31, 2019 and PlayStation 5 version in Japan and Every Asia on 2020, Advanced Fantasia Generation has many similarities to the Super Robot Wars series, also produced by Bandai Namco. Two editions of the game was released, a regular version and a Exceed Music Edition featuring background music from the respective series. also this game had Korean, English & Chinese Subtitles.


The game follows the story of characters of all four series as they travel to different worlds, encountering heroes and enemies of that respective world. The game is driven by a manga style narrative where conversations are held between characters during each mission.

Each mission takes place on a grid-like level where each unit occupies one space on the map. The player selects the heroes to be deployed for the mission and is presented with a Mission Trigger and a Secret Shock. Each one of these represents a goal for the user to achieve in the level. Successfully completing the Secret Shock will spawn a new wave of bonus enemies that offers bonus experience. The story progresses when the objective for the Mission Trigger is reached which spawns new enemies and unlocks the Boss Break objective. Completing the Boss Break objective moves the mission story forward again and summons the final wave of enemies. If all mission objectives are cleared, the last remaining enemy in the stage will enter a Last Stand mode where it powers up and rewards more experience on defeat. Clearing all the enemies in the level or clearing the main objective in the mission will end the mission.

The missions are separated into turns where the player has the chance to move and attack with each of their heroes. After the turn is passed, the enemy turn begins and each enemy will be controlled by the computer AI. If two units engage each other, the player will have the opportunity to attack, defend, dodge, or use an item. Once the user has selected their action, a skippable 3D cutscene is shown depicted the battle sequence. Each unit has a limited number of attacks which each costs a certain amount of energy. If there is insufficient energy the hero cannot attack.

Outside of missions, there is also a store where items can be purchased. Two types of items exist: equippable items and consumable items. Each hero can equip one equippable item at a time and it typically provides a stat boost. Consumable items are one time use and provide a temporary buff.

and you can Add your own Custom Musics/Custom Soundtracks in this game, but only using in PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows Version.

Series Included

Bold marks as DLC, * marks as Enemy or Unit Only.

Pretty Cure

Dengeki Bunko

Shonen Jump



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  • This Game's Developer is Tom Create, who make a famous SD Gundam G Generation Series.
  • This game is gameplay similar like Compati Hero Series, Super Hero Generation.
  • Gundam SEED Astray as only is Manga in this Game.
  • This Game's English Sub can change Name, Example: All Smile Pretty Cure and Doki Doki Pretty Cure as Glitter Force and Glitter Force Doki Doki, JoJo Stands(Ex: Killer Queen as Deadly Queen) and G Gundam Names(Ex: God Gundam as Burning Gundam).
  • This game's story similar like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.
  • This game had a same Characters names in English and Chinese, like Setsuna(Fresh Pretty Cure!) & Setsuna(Gundam 00).
  • in Exceed Music Edition Cover, Jonathan Joestar is replaced by Jotaro Kujo with His Stand, Star Platinum.
  • This game using Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise(feat. L.V.)(1995) as Ending Theme of Advanced Fantasia Generation.
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